Treatment with the Integration of the Arts
2 בפברואר 2016
Health Management as opposed to Illness Management
4 בפברואר 2016
Treatment with the Integration of the Arts
2 בפברואר 2016
Health Management as opposed to Illness Management
4 בפברואר 2016

Lousky medicines

By Dr. Dany Lousky

Lousky medicines are one of the five main characteristics of the format of integrated medicine. Lousky medicines are simple human actions, such as sleeping, showering, positive thinking, good deeds, hugging, kissing, love, sexual relations, walking, visiting new places, etc. In each one of the human actions there is the desire to give and the desire to receive, so that it is possible to direct to acceptance or to giving. Every human action enables practice, training, maintenance, improvement, or correction of each one of the 32 intelligences. The awareness of the desire to receive and the desire to give in every action is what motivates the power of life (the free will) and makes every simple human action a medicine (Lousky, 2005). Lousky medicines are instruments for the prevention of mishaps and illnesses and medicines for healing in integrated medicine.
Lousky medicines are a product of the intelligences and are given for the purpose of the training of the intelligences. Understanding the role of each one of the intelligences (see the chapter on the 32 intelligences) will enable adjustment of the medicines to the intelligences. Intelligences are abilities or life skills (Gardner, 1996).
The four stages for assessment and treatment through the 32 intelligences: the ability to identify lack in emotional dimension, the ability to define desire in the spiritual dimension, the ability to change approach in the intellectual dimension, and the ability to determines goals and implement them in the physical dimension (Lousky, 2005). The training and practice of intelligences need to produce products measurable by three standards: change in the physical state (world), change over time (year), and change in essentialness and joy in life (mind/soul). “…Three progenitors and their offspring, namely: the seven planets and their hosts, and the twelve oblique points. To confirm this there are faithful witnesses; the world, year and man …” (The Book of Creation, 6:42).
Every person has 32 intelligences at a varying dosage and a unique degree. The personal profile of the intelligences of every person constitutes the unique language with which he functions and in which he excels. The human abilities develop through the neurological relations and electrical currents. The neurons are like the intelligences, they are physical entities that can be developed using different means and they respond as do the muscles in the body, responding to training and practice. Using practice, it is possible to develop the network of neurons and neurological connections in the mind and in every part of the body, which are required for learning, for optimal and balanced exploitation of the potential of the 32 intelligences. The awareness of the desire to receive and the desire to give in every action is what motivates the force of life (free will) and makes every simple human action into a ‘medicine’ (Lousky, 2005).
Table number 4, titled Lousky medicines, presents simple human actions, according to the intelligences. Training and practice of simple actions will allow the strengthening or correction of intelligences. For every intelligence it is possible to develop many additional ‘medicines’. This table presents one possibility for every intelligence, for the purpose of exemplification.

Table Number 4: Lousky medicines

Intelligences Simple Human Actions as Medicines


Letter Desire Spiritual dimension – improvement of ability to define desire & its direction
א Free will Performs a deed & then its opposite.
מ Desire to give Prayed, asked for the good of the world every morning.
ש Desire to receive Before sleep, ask for forgiveness, your own too.
Letter Teachers Intellectual dimension – improvement of ability to change approaches & beliefs
ב Wisdom Determine priorities, what is more important to you in life.
ג Richness Tell yourself thank you forty times a day & mean it.
ד Seed Direct, bless, & wish others success.
כ Life Take a long shower, be in water at least fifteen minutes a day.
פ Self-Governance Love, hugs, & kisses are a good way to release excess knowledge.
ר Peace Hug yourself for ten minutes every day.
ת Charm Put feelings to thoughts & let the inner beauty out.
Number Forces Emotional dimension – improvement of ability to identify lacks
1 Light Light a candle every day & say ‘everything comes from light, it’s all for the good’.
2 Beginning Travel in new places, do things you have not yet done.
3 Love Caress, pamper, flatter others & yourself.
4 Freedom Count to ten before every action – be an influence instead of a response.
5 Thinking Clear away negative thoughts using positive ones.
6 Unity Do one good deed a day. Define yourself what is a good deed.
7 Observation Run in your head a ‘film’ of all you have done during the day.
8 Healing Open doors for people – tie, connect, coordinate, help, care.
9 Immunity Life as art – draw, write, sculpt, paint, photograph. Be creative.
10 Discovery Accept life – be wherever you are for an hour a day, without plans.
אות Senses Physical dimension – improvement of the ability to determine & realize goals.
ה Vision Close your eyes seven minutes a day & see black.
ו Hearing Search for meaning – hear a person after seven minutes without response.
ז Smell Take nine deep breaths & smell. Do so frequently.
ח Speech Write at least ten sentences every day in your personal diary.
ט Taste Today, eat & wear only what you like & do yourself good.
י Deed Do this week three things that you wanted to do in the past year.
ל Touch Touch things, work with your hands for at least ten minutes a day.
נ Way Determines objectives in life & enjoy the process so that you will forget the objective.
ס Gut Say ‘I love life’ once a day, forty times continuously.
ע Mind Play games, yell, laugh on purpose for seven minutes a day.
צ Heart Contribute one to three hours a week to commitment for the community.
ק Cell Sleep seven hours a nigh, seek your dreams, & document them.
ד"ר דניאל לוסקי PhD
ד"ר דניאל לוסקי PhD
ד"ר דני לוסקי הוא יוצר ומפתח "רפואת ספר יצירה", 32 האינטליגנציות ומבחני אינטליגנציה חדשניים i32. כתב עשרות ספרים על בריאות, סודות ההצלחה, מיסטיקה וקבלה בהשראת סודות ספר יצירה.

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