The Tree of Knowledge
2 בפברואר 2016
Treatment with the Integration of the Arts
2 בפברואר 2016
The Tree of Knowledge
2 בפברואר 2016
Treatment with the Integration of the Arts
2 בפברואר 2016

Treatment through Acupuncture

By Dr. Dany Lousky

Acupuncture is a method of treatment typical of the physical dimension. Through acupuncture, it is possible to train and practice the ability to determine and realize objectives. In Chinese medicine, acupuncture is a primary method of treatment in every illness accompanied by pain. Acupuncture is a Chinese method in which very thin needles are inserted into different points of the body to stimulate certain points in the body. This stimulation causes a desired physiological response of the body and opens energetic obstructions in the body. Chinese medicine speaks of the different paths of energy in the body (meridians), through which the energy of life, called chi (the free will) flows and goes to each and every limb of the body, nurtures it, and protects it, as does the immune system (Pearle, 2000).
When an obstruction is created in the flow of the chi, due to different reasons, then pain is created. If this is a sudden obstruction, then a sharp and very strong pain is created. If this is a chronic, gradual obstruction, then the pain will be less strong but longer in duration. The release of the obstructions is accomplished through acupuncture or pressure on the key points along the meridians (channels of energy). In the next stage, the energy resumes flow freely and harmoniously and the pain disappears. Pressure on or acupuncture of the point between the thumb and finger, for example, can release obstructions in the energetic flow to the brain and consequently it can significantly ease headaches, sinusitis, toothache, etc. The needles ease the pain, since the acupuncture causes the body to release endorphins (endorphin is a pain-relieving hormone). Therefore, Chinese acupuncture is considered effective in the treatment of backaches, migraines, headaches, menstrual pains, joint pains, etc.
The realm of the easement of pains using Chinese acupuncture has been a subject of increasing research in recent years (Levy, 2006) . A comparative examination of a number of researches on the topic shows that Chinese acupuncture eases pains in up to 90% of the cases. The data of this research were collected in Germany from scores of participants. In the human body 400 points suited to acupuncture were identified. When a needle is inserted into a certain point of the body, the brain is stimulated to excrete endorphin. The acupuncture opens the energetic obstructions in the body and provides easement by opening the obstructions. According to Chinese medicine, there are twelve meridians in the body and these in essence are tracks of energy on the body upon which the acupuncture points are situated (Pearle, 2000). Acupuncture significantly eases different types of pain and saves the patient use of unnecessary drugs and thus the side effects that derive from the regular consumption of pain killers (Levy, 2006).
Integrated medicine is medicine that integrates treatment methods in each one of the four dimensions that comprise the whole person. The ability to determine and realize objectives is withheld form patients because of the body’s pains. Easing or avoiding the pain through acupuncture significantly helps improve the abilities (intelligences) in the physical dimension. In a situation of easement or good physical functioning, the person can determine and even realize objectives (Lousky, 2005).

Acupuncture Points and Intelligences

  Intelligence Abilities/Talents Energy Centers Acupuncture Points
  Desire 3 Spiritual Intelligences World, Year, & Mind
א Free will Ability to create meaning from the void Heart CV 17
מ Desire to give Ability to give as a lofty goal stomach CV 7
ש Desire to receive Ability to receive so as to give Head GV 20
  Teachers 7 Intellectual Intelligences Gates in the mind  
ב Wisdom Ability to synchronize action Mouth GV 26
ג Richness Ability to be happy with what you have Right eye BL 2
ד Seed Ability to select a proper motivation Left eye BL 2
כ Life Ability to effect an internal change Right nose LI 20
פ Self-Governance Ability to be free of the bounds Left nose LI 20
ר Peace Ability to include others Right ear TW 19
ת Charm Ability to be aware of inner beauty Left ear TW 19
  Forces 10 Emotional Intelligences Fingers  
1 Light Ability to be certain in the light Right thumb LU 10
2 Beginning Ability to begin from the beginning Right index LI 1
3 Love Ability to love as a medicine Right middle PC 8
4 Freedom Ability to be or not to be Right ring TW 1
5 Thinking Ability to create a new belief Right little (pinky) SI 1
6 Unity Ability to strengthen differences Left thumb LU 10
7 Observation Ability to know through feedback Left index LI 1
8 Healing Ability to learn as a way of life Left middle PC 8
9 Immunity Ability to learn how to learn Left ring TW 1
10 Discovery Ability to accept reality Left little (pinky) SI 1
  Senses 12 Physical Intelligences Leaders in mind  
ה Vision Ability to see in a multidimensional manner Liver BL 18
ו Hearing Ability to hear & get meaning Gall bladder BL 19
ז Smell Ability to smell truth & falsehood Spleen BL 20
ח Speech Ability to speak correctly & incorrectly Bodily fluids BL 22
ט Taste Ability to distinguish between good & evil Right kidney BL 52
י Deed Ability to discern between permitted & prohibited Left kidney BL 23
ל Touch Ability to conceal in order to reveal Gizzard KID 16
נ Way Ability to make the process an objective Stomach BL 21
ס Gut Ability to act out of belief Right hand HT 7
ע Mind Ability to play in life Left hand HT 3
צ Heart Ability to socialize and commit oneself Right foot SP 3
ק Cell Ability to cope value-wise Left foot KID 1


Relationship between Intelligences, Limbs, Meridians,
and Acupuncture Points according to Chinese Medicine

  Intelligence Energy centers Meridian Centers Acupuncture Points
  Desire Three desires    
א Free will Heart Conception Vessel CV 17
מ Desire to give Stomach Conception Vessel CV 7
ש Desire to receive Head Governing Vessel GV 20
  Teachers Gates in the mind    
ב Wisdom Mouth Governing Vessel GV 26
ג Richness Right eye Urinary Bladder BL 2 / UB 2*
ד Seed Left eye Urinary Bladder BL 2 / UB 2*
כ Life Right nose Large Intestine LI 20
פ Self-Governance Left nose Large Intestine LI 20
ר Peace Right ear Triple Warmer TW 19
ת Charm Left ear Triple Warmer TW 19
  Forces Fingers    
1 Light Right thumb Lung LU 10
2 Beginning Right index Large Intestine LI 1
3 Love Right middle Pericardium PC 8
4 Freedom Right ring Triple Warmer TW 1
5 Thinking Right little (pinky) Small Intestine SI 1
6 Unity Left thumb Lung LU 10
7 Observation Left index Large Intestine LI 1
8 Healing Left middle Pericardium PC 8
9 Immunity Left ring Triple Warmer TW 1
10 Discovery Left little (pinky) Small Intestine SI 1
  Senses Leaders in mind    
ה Vision Liver Urinary Bladder BL 18 / UB 18*
ו Hearing Gall bladder Urinary Bladder BL 19 / UB 19*
ז Smell Spleen Urinary Bladder BL 20 / UB 20*
ח Speech Bodily fluids Urinary Bladder BL 22 / UB 22*
ט Taste Right kidney Urinary Bladder BL 52 / UB 52*
י Deed Left kidney Urinary Bladder BL 23 / UB 23*
ל Touch Gizzard Kidney KID 16 / KD 16*
נ Way Stomach Urinary Bladder BL 21 / UB 21*
ס Gut Right hand Heart HT 7
ע Mind Left hand Heart HT 3
צ Heart Right foot Spleen SP 3
ק Cell Left foot Kidney KID 1 / KD 1*
ד"ר דניאל לוסקי PhD
ד"ר דניאל לוסקי PhD
ד"ר דני לוסקי הוא יוצר ומפתח "רפואת ספר יצירה", 32 האינטליגנציות ומבחני אינטליגנציה חדשניים i32. כתב עשרות ספרים על בריאות, סודות ההצלחה, מיסטיקה וקבלה בהשראת סודות ספר יצירה.

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