Treatment through Acupuncture
2 בפברואר 2016
Lousky medicines
2 בפברואר 2016
Treatment through Acupuncture
2 בפברואר 2016
Lousky medicines
2 בפברואר 2016

Treatment with the Integration of the Arts

By Dr. Dany Lousky

Treatment with the integration of the arts is a treatment method characteristic of the emotional dimension. Through the integration of arts in treatment, it is possible to train and practice the ability to identify emotional lacks.
Treatment with art is emotional therapy conducted using visual means, when the art is an alternative means of communication that is not a complicated language (Case and Dalley, 1992). The artistic creation is a way of distancing the self from the feeling of powerlessness, of freeing the self from inhibitions. Art is a world without bounds that is constructed on symbols, images, and metaphors and receives its uniqueness in the encounter with reality.
One of the qualities of treatment with art is its ability to connect to the unconscious part of the person’s mind (Yiftach, 1992). Through art, the person comes in contact with his emotions using nonverbal means that allow images that represent the patient’s conflicts and troubles to be brought to his mind. Artistic expression increases the patient’s ability to participate in the sense of creation without needing a logical, causal, or circumstantial explanation. Every element in the creation reflects to some extent the sense of the self. A visual translation of the perception of the self is expressed in the elements of the page, in the proportions, in the wholeness, in the details or their emphasis, and in the degree of use of the means of expression. It is possible to use an examination of the strength of the line and color. Understanding the symbol and its personal meaning helps the patient release aggravating contents and achieve insight and a sense of greater control.
Integrated medicine is medicine that integrates treatment methods from all four dimensions that comprise the whole person. Treatment using arts integration is a treatment method that allows the practice and training of the emotional dimension in each one of the 32 intelligences for the closer encounter with the joy of life (Lousky, 2005).

Table number 8 describes the relationship between colors and the intelligences, the colors of the clothes the person wears, the color of the walls in the home or in the office, the food colors. All these are related to the intelligences. Adding, removing, and changing colors practice and train the life values according to the trend of change (Lousky, 2005).

The Relationship between Colors and the Intelligences

  Desire 3 Spiritual Intelligences 3 Basic Colors
א Free will Ability to create meaning from the void Yellow
מ Desire to give Ability to give as a lofty goal Blue
ש Desire to receive Ability to receive so as to give Red
  Teachers 7 Intellectual Intelligences Prism of Newton
ב Wisdom Ability to synchronize action Purple
ג Richness Ability to be happy with what you have Indigo
ד Seed Ability to select a proper motivation Blue
כ Life Ability to effect an internal change Green
פ Self-Governance Ability to be free of the bounds Yellow
ר Peace Ability to include others Orange
ת Charm Ability to be aware of inner beauty Red
  Forces 10 Emotional Intelligences Spectrum of Colors
1 Light Ability to be certain in the light White
2 Beginning Ability to begin from the beginning Purple
3 Love Ability to love as a medicine Indigo
4 Freedom Ability to be or not to be Green
5 Thinking Ability to create a new belief Blue
6 Unity Ability to strengthen differences Dark blue
7 Observation Ability to know through feedback Silver
8 Healing Ability to learn as a way of life Yellow
9 Immunity Ability to learn how to learn Orange
10 Discovery Ability to accept reality Red
  Senses 12 Physical Intelligences Colors in Astrology
ה Vision Ability to see in a multidimensional manner Red
ו Hearing Ability to hear & get meaning Green
ז Smell Ability to smell truth & falsehood Yellow
ח Speech Ability to speak correctly & incorrectly Pale green
ט Taste Ability to distinguish between good & evil Orange
י Deed Ability to discern between permitted & prohibited Blue
ל Touch Ability to conceal in order to reveal Light blue
נ Way Ability to make the process an objective Fire red
ס Gut Ability to act out of belief Purple
ע Mind Ability to play in life Dark blue
צ Heart Ability to socialize and commit oneself Turquoise blue
ק Cell Ability to cope value-wise Lilac


ד"ר דניאל לוסקי PhD
ד"ר דניאל לוסקי PhD
ד"ר דני לוסקי הוא יוצר ומפתח "רפואת ספר יצירה", 32 האינטליגנציות ומבחני אינטליגנציה חדשניים i32. כתב עשרות ספרים על בריאות, סודות ההצלחה, מיסטיקה וקבלה בהשראת סודות ספר יצירה.

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